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Over the years, Marisa and her team have written books, white papers, web copy, brochures, and thousands of articles/blogs.

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We handle PR for individuals, startups & businesses both large and small. Whether you need a press release written and distributed or social media management, we can help.

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In addition to writing, we handle design needs ranging from creating flyers and postcards to formatting and designing books and white papers for publication.

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Please take a moment to check out some of our latest work. We enjoy an extremely high satisfaction and repeat client rate.

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  • Which Social Media Site is the Most Important to Use?

    Confused about which social media sites you should be using? You are not alone. The experts go back and forth as to what is the hottest site for reaching Millennials or the best site for a given type of business. Businesses large and small get lost in the social media details and forget what is […]

  • Should You Handle Writing Your Own Business Blog Posts?

    If you are writing fiction, it is possible to let your mind wander and just follow where it leads you. However, writing for business can be quite different. It’s essential to be precise and accurate. You cannot float between one topic and another on a whim. Instead, you must make sure that the information is well […]

  • What Makes a Press Release a Great Press Release?

    If you have an important announcement that you want to make, then you need a great, attention grabbing press release.  A press release that gets picked up by news outlets and blogs can generate a potentially staggering amount of attention for your goods, services or organization. There’s No Replacement for Experience and a Proven Track […]

  • Using Press Releases to Generate More Attention

    There is no that doubt social media is an effective way of getting the word out, but there is another way to drive attention. Whether you are looking to promote your new startup, an established brand or a new idea, good or service, press releases can help you to quickly garner more attention. Nothing Short […]

  • Why Should You Create a Book Cover Before You Write the Book?

      Sometimes authors will decide that they are going to cover all aspects of the process of writing the next book themselves.  On other occasions, they will pass some of the work out to another person.  But no matter what the workflow may be it is always a good idea to make sure that the […]

  • Tips to Get Your Freelancing Career Off the Ground

    Starting out in the world of freelancing is more than slightly daunting. Sure, you’re your own boss now, but you’re leaving a guaranteed regular paycheck and benefits. You’ve just jumped out of the plane. Do you have a parachute? Is there a net? Everyone wants to be their own boss, but so few actually succeed […]

  • Why Use Social Media for Business?

      Is all social media just for teenagers to post pictures of themselves or for mothers to post images of their babies?  The truth is that social media is an ideal – and inexpensive – way for companies to get their details out to a large number of people.  If you are not up to […]

  • 5 Reasons Hiring a Writer Can Simplify Your Life

    When you need something written for your company, there is a great benefit to hiring a professional writer to help you out.  Many small businesses and entrepreneurs fail to realize just how versatile writers can be.   If you have something that needs to be written, it only makes sense to ask!  Let’s take a […]

  • How Can You Brand Your Business?

    If you have the best products in the world, it will make no difference to your bank balance if you are not able to market them to a high degree. There is so much competition out there.  Thanks to the introduction of the Internet, you are no longer competing with those around the corner.   You […]

  • Why Create a Press Release?

    Can a press release benefit your business?  Yes! Press releases stand as a key way to not just reach people but to also get them excited about your business.  The 24-hour a day news cycle and the Internet mean that journalists and bloggers are always looking for new ideas.  One of the ways that they […]

  • Welcome to the Studio

    Don’t be surprised to see this is a very short post, but one we hope you’ll like as much as we do! The studio is getting a fresh coat of paint, new woodwork, and a sparkling new hand-hewn knotty pine floor. Stick around while we finish – and pardon our dust!

  • A Comprehensive Range of Expertise

    When I take you as a client, you can be certain that I am able to meet your needs in a variety of ways. Listed below are a few of the services that I offer. I have a proven track record in each of the categories listed below. Contact [email protected] today for more information. Web […]

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Hundreds of satisfied customers have turned to us again & again for their needs ranging from writing articles, books and web copy to PR, design and more.

No matter what your needs may be, Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio can provide you with an incredible quality to price ratio. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • ”I was truly amazed at the level of devotion that this contractor showed to my project. The communication was always top-notch and she was extremely reliable. For the high quality of work she produced, the rate was very fair. Marisa1 somehow was able to understand my thoughts even when they were unorganized. She truly knows how to write content that works!”

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  • ”She quickly understood the type and style of the assigned job and she delivered excelent, well investigated content. All milestones were achieved on time. Very satisfied with her work, so we'll hire Marisa again for future jobs. No doubt, she is a highly recommended professional.”

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  • ”Marisa has helped us out tremendously in rewriting some of our landing pages. She communicates well, a great writer, and delivers on time - what more can I ask for? I will definitely use Marisa for future work.”

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  • ”I have been posting jobs since 2007, and this provider is one of the best that I have ever dealt with - she is very professional, knowledgeable, fast and communicative. I told her what I needed and she did exactly what I needed and then some on a first draft (which did not require any changes and has never happened). Exceeded my expectations.”

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