Press Releases

Press Releases

If you have something to say that is important enough that it warrants a press release, then you must convey that message clearly and effectively.  One of our core specialties at Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio is crafting press releases that draw readers in, generate buzz, and increase your odds of making the jump to becoming news.

Polished and Creative Press Releases Translate Into Success

A polished and professional press release can make all the difference between being noticed and being overlooked.  Our clients turn to us for professional press releases that pack a punch and help them stand out regardless of the field or area. We can do the same for you!

  • – Our team has written hundreds of press releases for many industries, from technology to entertainment and more
  • – Years of experience have taught us what works best
  • – We make sure we understand your goals in order to produce the most effective press release possible, period!


Let’s make your next press release a truly attention-grabbing one – call today!