Social Media

Social Media

Social media is about far more than having a presence on one or two social media sites – much more than simply “showing up” and expecting the world to follow!

To benefit from social media, you need to engage with others on social media platforms in a consistent, real and meaningful way. Trying to get around this ends up disappointing many businesses, leaving them feeling as though social media just doesn’t work for them.

Over the years, we’ve had countless clients come to us wanting to get more out of Web 2.0. We’ve helped them and we can help you.


Strategy is The Foundation of Any Social Media Campaign

You need to

  • know your targeted demographic,
  • know what you want to convey to that demographic,
  • know your regional aims and goals, and
  • know your long-term aims.


Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio works closely with you to help you come up with the right social media strategy. (There is no one “correct” social media strategy.)


For example, a car dealership’s social media strategy isn’t going to be the same as the social media strategy for a new web app or a restaurant. Social media can work very well and be very cost effective when visited with the right strategy and the right plan.


Rise Above the Background Clutter

Edging out your competition is about more than the accumulation of friends and followers. Social media success involves engaging and interacting with social media users and convincing those users that you and your company have something unique and valuable to offer.  In short, you want social media users to view you as more than background clutter, and to perceive you and your company as an authority on a subject that’s meaningful to them.


It takes skill and planning to go from being just another person or another company on a social media site to becoming an authority trusted by your friends and followers. The results, however, are well worth it. Do want the edge, to take your social media presence to the authority level?


We can help you establish your authority and value with social media users across the social media landscape.

  • We can help you formulate a targeted social media strategy
  • Our team can implement your social media strategy
  • We know how to help you become a valued authority in the social media realm
  • We take your specific needs into consideration

Social media isn’t about making more friends and followers; it’s about a winning strategy!


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