Public Relations Solutions

Your best ideas, products and services need to reach prospective customers and clients if they are to have any chance of success. Today’s promotional landscape is diverse, dynamic and, of course, highly competitive. Understanding how to cut through the PR confusion and choose the best solutions for your business is what we do.


Public Relations Solutions Built Around Your Specific Needs

Cookie cutter public relations approaches don’t work in this century.  The best PR results are about one thing: understanding your client. A PR firm that doesn’t invest the time to understand your company, products, goods and services, and your ambitions and goals for the future can never hope to achieve real results in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We invest the time necessary to understand you and what you need before we make any recommendations or take any steps. 


We Have the Expertise to Help You Generate Maximum Buzz

Press releases and social media are vital elements in generating buzz.  At Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio, we have years of experience and proven hands on know-how. Want to generate real results? You need a partner that understands how to make the most out of every press release you issue and every dollar you spend on social media.


PR Newswire Strategic Partnership Yields Exceptional Exposure

Through our strategic partnership with the world’s leading press release service, PR Newswire, we are able to offer our clients not just exceptional exposure, but impressive distribution discounts on packages that include press release writing. The relationship that we have with PR Newswire is unique.  It can help your business gain greater exposure and an edge over the competition while saving money on every press release you issue and distribute.


Our Key Public Relation Services

  • -Press release consulting
  • -Press release writing
  • -Press release distribution via our PR Newswire Strategic Partnership
  • -Diverse & targeted social media services


A well thought out PR strategy can, simply stated, catapult your business to new heights.  Let Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio help you chart out and deploy a highly effective PR strategy today.


Contact us to learn more about our full range of diverse, proven and effective PR solutions.