Making Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding Work For You

Crowdsourcing is hot and here to stay – and changing the way the world does business.

We’re on top of this exciting new frontier. Over the past few years, we’ve helped several businesses and individuals with their crowdfunding “heavy lifting,” and we can help you as well!


Motivational Copy is Essential

Creative, enticing and motivational copy is of paramount importance in the world of crowdsourcing.  The facts are that you only have a few seconds to successfully engage a visitor to your crowdsourcing page.  If you fail to grab and hold their attention, it’s over.  That might sound harsh, but those are also the facts.  We can help.  We know how.  And we’ve achieved impressive results to date.


The Right Crowdsourcing Approach

Crowdsourcing is different.  Treating crowdsourcing as one would the creation of “another webpage” isn’t optimal.  Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio takes a different route.  Our approach to creating successful crowdsourcing pages is to first understand the very specific social and psychological climate.  There is a markedly different world out there in the crowdsourcing universe.


Put Our Years of Proven Expertise to Work for You

We take our expertise in marketing, PR and design that we’ve built up over the past 14 years and apply it directly to your crowdsourcing needs.  Building a highly effective and motivational crowdsourcing page isn’t about creating a modified web page or blog page. To be very blunt, old, canned approaches won’t get you the results you desire.


Small Changes, Big Results

Small factors, changes and tweaks to your crowdsourcing page design, tone and written text will make a serious difference in your success. Our approach to the world of crowdsourcing is to determine what will work best for you and your project. Only then do we move forward in helping you build the kind of crowdsourcing page and campaign that will achieve results.


Building Your Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign

  • We take time to understand you, your company, and your concept
  • We can help you determine the right tone
  • We can help you determine the right approach
  • We will evaluate your idea and help you figure out what areas to focus on
  • Reaching people is a key component in the crowdsourcing process and we can help you chart the right path
  • We are experts at getting social media results
  • We can help you get the most out of your PR and press releases so you get more attention
  • Professional and motivational writing will ensure that your crowdsourcing page stands out


Our Crowdfunding Success Stories

Check out our past crowdsourcing success stories. Need help making turning your crowdsourcing dream into a funded reality? Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio can make it happen!


Contact us today. Together we’ll build an attention grabbing and effective crowdfunding campaign!