Our Writing Services

Marisa’s PR and Writing Studio offers the following services

Press Release Writing & Distribution
Article Writing and Distribution
Web Text Creation-Including Home Pages, About Us and Web Articles
Ghostwriting of Ebooks
Copywriting including Product Descriptions and brochures
Social Networking Consulting & Strategy
Creation of Newsletters
Rewriting of Content
Twitter and Facebook Page Creation

See Our Experience in Action

View some of our writing samples at the following websites
  • www.vtrendtech.com
  • www.stylishtogspr.com
  • www.wigsonlinestore.com
  • www.reddogrun.com
  • www.helicopternewyorkcity.com
  • www.studiobanerjee.co.uk
  • www.morecabinedecor.com
  • www.oceanviewlandscape.com
  • www.makingyoubeautiful.co.uk
  • www.musicmefree.com

You’re Judged by your Writing

The Internet –and the world at large– is flooded with articles, blog entries, web copy, books, and much more. But let’s face it, most of this content isn’t very good. More is being written than ever before, but much of it lacks style, personality and (dare we say it) soul.


Quality Writing Shines

It’s a fact: You are judged by your writing. Whether it is on your website, your articles, blog entries, brochures, ads, eBooks, books – any form of writing – you need to rise above the pack to get the tangible results you are seeking. The quality of the writing you show to the public is a reflection of your business.

Crisp, sharp and intelligent writing stands out more than ever before After all, great writing is sure to shine in a sea of mediocrity.


Want to Motivate Your Clients & Readers?  We Know How

Exceptional writing is exceptional because

  • it influences,
  • it motivates and ,
  • it conveys key information and points quickly and precisely.


Polished Professional Writing Elevates Your Business

No matter what your business, your audience, or your goals, purposeful writing can and will make a massive difference. Your written content, whether for your website, a brochure, a press release or anything else, is a critical investment in your business. We understand this. We understand that effectively communicating how your business can enrich the lives of your prospective customer, client or reader is what it’s all about.

Together, We Will Persuade Your Readers

To be blunt, there is no replacement for persuasive writing. Investing in the best written content possible will elevate your business and increase your results — period.  We’ve seen this happen time and time again and we can make it happen for you.

Quality writing is an investment in your business.  Thanks to Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio, you will always get the most for that investment.  Contact us today!