Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

Anyone can send out a press release, but real and meaningful results come from making sure that your expertly written press release gets into the right hands.


Press Release Success is No Accident

First, an expertly written press release is a must. A press release must maximize the most interesting and valuable information that you have to convey.

Next, your press release must reach the right people. Sending press releases to media outlets and reporters that are unlikely to have a keen interest in your news just doesn’t cut it.


Who Should See Your Press Release?

Highly effective press release distribution is all about targeting the right audience, media outlets, people and reporters, as well as key bloggers, influencers and decision makers.  To do this, we combine our press release skills in partnership with the world’s leading press release distribution service, PRNewswire. By doing so, we offer you incredible tools and truly amazing price points on packages that include writing and distribution.


Press Release One Stop Shopping

We take pride in making our clients’ lives easier with “one stop shopping.” At Marisa’s Writing and PR Studio, we handle all of your press release needs.

After we understand you, your company and your needs, we craft an engaging, professional press release that highlights what is most appealing and attractive about your particular piece of news.  Then we send your news out to the world, ensuring that you receive optimal results.

Whatever your press release writing and distribution needs may be, we can help.

  • Years of press release distribution experience
  • A deep understanding of the press release process, and what does and does not work
  • Unique discounts, thanks to our PR Newswire Strategic Partnership


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